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Guppy Grass Aquarium Plant 2 FULL CUPS! FREE SHIPPING!

Guppy Grass Aquarium Plant 2 FULL CUPS! FREE SHIPPING!

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Guppy Grass (Najas guadalupensis) FREE SHIPPING!

2 FULL CUPS of Guppy Grass Aquarium Plant

Guppy grass is a freshwater, aquarium plant perfect for floating in the water column providing cover for live bearing fish or your freshwater shrimp. 

Guppy grass is often used as a floating plant and can also be planted and will root directly into your substrate as well. Once it's established in your tank or pond pieces can be easily moved from tank to tank or pond to pond.

  • Easy to grow
  • Removes nitrates from the water column
  • Clean and attractive appearance
  • Provides great cover for live-bearing fish such as guppies, platys and mollies


$17.95 per bundle plus FREE SHIPPING

A note of caution:
As with all things aquarium or pond, if you ever are at a point where you no longer want, or have too much guppy grass, PLEASE DO NOT throw it into local waterways - ponds, streams, lakes, etc. Rehome the animals - fish, amphibians, snails, etc. and toss the plants into the garden. They'll make fantastic compost or mulch. Either give them to a friend, a local fish shop, or toss it into the garden for compost. 



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