The Betta Serenity Wall Clock

• 6 design variations - black-, white- or wood-finished rim and black or white hands

• 10" Diameter Wall Clock

• Quick and easy install

• No tools required - well maybe a hammer and a nail (not included)

• Not for use when you really don't want to know what time it is - but if you absolutely, positively need to be somewhere, this is a must

• High def, vibrant, colorful fish, and aquarium themed background

• Bettas are set at every 5 minutes

• Needs a single AA battery (not included)

• The Mo' Betta Serenity Wall Clock tells the time, and tells the story of your passion as a fish keeper

• It's absolutely silent - no tick, tick, tick....

• Bettas and Batteries Not Included!

Treat Yourself . . .

Black Hands On A Black Frame

To A . . .

White Hands On A Black Frame

Beautiful . . .

Black Hands On A White Frame

Beautiful . . .

White Hands On A White Frame

Serenity . . .

Black Hands On A Wood Frame

Wall Clock . . .

White Hands On A Wood Frame