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Stunning Purple Betta Acrylic Wall Clock

Stunning Purple Betta Acrylic Wall Clock

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A Fishkeeper's Wall Clock

Check out acrylic clocks with this incredibly sleek, flat profile.

This varient has a beautiful purple Betta Fish set in place for all of the hours around this stunning wall clock. The depth of the acrylic is absolutely amazing to look at. They come in two shapes -round or square. The round clocks come in two sizes – 10.75''×10.75'' and 8''×8''. The square clock comes in one size - 10.75''×10.75''. Each clock has a keyhole slot at the back for easy mounting to most any wall. The clocks are made from a high-impact acrylic material that looks glass and is amazingly durable. 

·         Made from 100% acrylic

·         Available in round or square shapes

·         Two size options available (10.75''×10.75'' and 8''×8'')

·         Requires one AA battery (NOT included)

·         Mounting hardware/hooks are NOT included

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